Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities are more than just a room. You gain a community of like-minded individuals who will share in your experiences and grow along with you.

Living Learning Communities are areas within residence where students with similar interests or academic programs live together on the same floor or area in residence. These communities are close knit and support the development of students through tailored academic and faculty support, networking activities, and social and educational events.

Engineering Living Learning Community

Students living in this community will benefit from peer mentoring, study groups and have access to tutoring service in residence that is an extension of the Engineering Help Center. The students enrolled in this program form a close community and become a great support for one another. Throughout the year the Living Learning Coordinator will provide programming that will help with career exploration, academic support, involvement with engineering faculty, and field trips. Many students return to this community beyond their first year to take on a mentoring role because they have enjoyed the experience and want to help those coming into the program.

First Year Experience Living Learning Community

Students living in this community will benefit from being involved in programming above and beyond the regular Residence Life program that helps ease the transition to university life. The Living Learning Coordinator will provide events and activities to promote social interaction in your residence, provide academic supports, volunteer opportunities, and career events. This program has been supported by Academic Advising and Student Life to help ensure that you get the most out of Memorial and are setting goals for your academic and career path.