Parent and Guardian Guide

Student Residences at Memorial are the best choice for your student while they are away from home.

Students who are living in residences gain experiences that they wouldn't get living off campus. Living on campus offers convienence, camaraderie and security in a supportive and rewarding environment. Your student will get the most out of their university experience by living on campus - both academically and socially.

Living in residences has so many benefits:

  • Convienent access to classes, labs, libraries, on campus fitness facilities and dining options.
  • Access to living and learning communities. These are close knit communities of like-minded students who share in experiences and grow together.
  • Supportive academic environment with plenty of study spaces, in-house tutors and dedicated quiet floors in each residence building.
  • Extensive residence programming and events.
  • An unlimited meal plan. Just one less thing your student will need to worry about.
  • Access to professional and confidential supports, specifically for residence students.
  • Furnishings, utilities and internet is included in your students' residence fees. No surprises here.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.