Live secure

Residence is your home and we want you to feel safe and secure here.

We promote a culture of caution and care built on respect, support and due diligence in on-going safety initiatives. We believe everyone has the right to live, learn and work in an inclusive environment, and as such we rely on key policies and protocols to maintain safe and respectful living spaces. All of our residence staff and resident assistants receive mental health first aid, medical first aid, CPR, and general training to ensure there is always someone nearby who can help. The Residence Life staff are a great resource for you while you stay on campus and it's their mandate that you get the most out of your residence experience. Our residences have advanced building security features, and 24/7 campus enforcement partnerships in place to ensure your on-going safety.

Building features

All of our residences are outfitted with systems and equipment designed to keep you safe. Each building has:

  • Swipe-access cards which only unlock doors specifically assigned to cardholders
  • 24/7 electronic surveillance in non-intrusive areas
  • Individual dorm-room locks
  • Emergency phones located throughout residence and across campus
  • Inspected and certified smoke and heat detectors, fire alarms and extinguishers
Staff services
  • Continuous 24 hour Campus Enforcement Patrol coverage
  • Resident Assistants and staff available 24/7 for support and emergencies
  • Some staff have training in medical first-aid, mental first-aid, CPR and suicide intervention
Safety initiatives
  • Fire and building evacuation drills to evaluate preparedness
  • Scheduled rounds by Resident Assistants to check on students
  • Specific guest policies, placing guests under your responsibility
  • Defined emergency procedures, posted in each building and outlined when you move in
  • A code of conduct that ensures everyone’s safety
When you live here, you’re never alone. The following services are available to support you 24/7.
  • Campus Escort Progam

Campus Enforcement and Patrol will personally escort you to a vehicle, residence, or to the perimeter of campus— any day, any time. If you feel unsafe please call 864-8561 to request an escort.

  • Campus Patrol Services

Campus Enforcement and Patrol routinely patrols campus and our residences. We feel general patrols are a deterrent to crime on campus and allow for issues to be noted in a timely manner. Patrols look for safety or crime related issues, check if areas are secure, ensure alarm panels are operational, and lock/unlock buildings and rooms.

  • MUN Safe app

Download the MUN Safe app to get emergency contact numbers, mobile blue light, emergency procedures and the ability to report non-emergency incidents such as concerning behaviours right from your phone. Use the app to quickly access campus resources 24/7 such as emergency push notifications, emergency procedures, incident reporting and more.
Report any suspicious activity to CEP at 864-8561.
For emergency assistance, call 864-4100.