Dr. Patrick Gagnon


Department of Ocean Sciences

Ocean Sciences Centre

Memorial University of Newfoundland

St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

A1C 5S7


Research in my lab, the Cold Ocean Benthic Ecology Lab (COBEL), investigates factors and processes governing the structure and function of shallow, marine benthic ecosystems in subarctic and cold temperate regions, while contributing novel approaches to the study of these ecosystems at meaningful scales. By integrating perspectives from ecology, oceanography, phycology, physiology, remote sensing, GIS technology, and modeling, my group currently addresses fundamental and applied questions in four areas involving invertebrates and seaweeds:

1) Biotic and abiotic controls of species interactions;

2) Positive interactions and the regulation of subtidal communities;

3) Biology and ecology of introduced species at their northern distribution limits;

4) Mapping and monitoring of high-latitude, shallow benthic communities at broad spatial and temporal scales.


Learn more by visiting the COBEL website