Interpretive Talks

an interpreter examines a column of polished rock

Get the Full Story

There’s no better way to make the most of your trip to the Johnson Geo Centre than joining in one of our interpretive programs. Running approximately 20 minutes, they’re offered throughout the day during the summer months.

Our Current Talks Include:

Buried In Ice

From glaciers to icebergs … Discover how glaciers form, icebergs are born, and how mariners try to prevent these beautiful giants of the ocean from wreaking havoc on those who make their living at sea.

Curious Constellations

From Ursa Major to Orion … Discover the mythical stories behind their names, the life and times of stars, and the ultimate fate of our Sun.

Fun With Fossils

From casts to real fossils … Discover the joys of palaeontology, the differences and similarities, and hold in your hand a creature millions of years old!

Gold Rush

From flakes to nuggets …  Discover how prospectors use centuries-old techniques to find and collect one of Earth’s rarer metals.

Journey Through Space

From the Sun to Pluto … Discover what makes every planet unique, the difference between the Jovians and the Terrestrials, and why Pluto is not a major planet.

Waves of Tragedy

From earthquake to tsunami … Discover how the Earth’s internal forces can move the ground we walk on, and bring the sea roaring into our very homes!

The Whispering Rock

From river delta to rock wall … Discover how rocks form, move, and change with the half billion year story of the rocks of St. John’s.


If there’s a specific program you would like to see during you visit, you can call us and schedule in advance, or drop by the Interpretation office and let us know.