Birthday Parties

Celebrate your child’s next birthday at the only place in St. John’s that's truly out of this world!


Birthday Party bookings are available during our regular opening season. Please contact our Interpretation Department for more information and to book.


Ages 2-4

  1. Pre-Schoolers in Space!  An introduction to the names of the planets in our solar system!
  2. Dinosaur Discoveries! Meat eaters VS plant eaters!

Ages 5 and up

  1. Let’s Make Tracks! Learn to walk like a dinosaur and decorate a pair of dinosaur feet!
  2. Journey Through Space! Explore our amazing Solar System through your own Geo telescope!
  3. Junior Astronauts! Complete the Geo Centre’s astronaut training program!
  4. Super Science! Be amazed by our science experiments!


  • Age-appropriate games and programs will be delivered by an entertaining Science Interpreter for 1 hour
  • Birthday parties will have full access to Geo Exhibits, including the Hibernia KidsPlace (for children ages 7 and under)
  • Separate, private party room with sink
  • Gift bag of ‘choose your own’ polished stones are provided for all party guests as part of the package
  • GEO Party invitations are available upon request


  • Regular birthday parties last 2 hours
  • Birthday parties are held on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00am to 12:00pm and 1:30pm to 3:30pm
  • Parents/Guardians may arrive 30 minutes early for set up.


  • maximum 25 children


  • Large private party room, with access to a sink
  • The Geo Centre does not provide food, utensils, or serving services
  • Balloons and tape are NOT permitted in the Geo Centre. We permit the use of sticky tack in place of tape.
Birthday Child + 2 Adults $14.00+tax
Party Guest + 1 Adult $14.00+tax
Additional Adults $5.75+tax

Please note there is a minimum charge of $150.00.

Please have your party guests check in at Admissions in the Geo lobby before proceeding to join the party.



  • Please inform us of any changes to your booking as soon as possible.
  • If the building closes for any reason (weather, technical problems, etc.) the birthday party organizer will be notified as soon as possible and every effort will be made to rebook.