Climate Collective


Climate Collective is a project run by Memorial University’s Johnson Geo Centre with two main goals:

  • to build a collaboration network within the climate innovation sector
  • to increase capacity for climate innovation in the youth of our province

The project has 3 pillars to realize these goals:

three pillars of the climat collective program - sector collaboration network, youth climate action chapters, steam experiential education


  • The Sector Collaboration Network is a group of individuals from research, industry, and non-profit who are involved in different areas of climate innovation and who can share expertise and resources for creating opportunities for youth.
  • Youth Climate Action Chapters are all about empowering youth with the knowledge and tools to create climate solutions through workshops, mentorship opportunities, and Youth Climate Summits. 
  • With members of the Sector Collaboration Network, Climate Collective will create or disseminate educational programming about climate innovation that also gives school children experience with hands-on STEAM programming. 


If you are interested in more information about any Pillar of this project, for example, becoming part of the Sector Collaboration Network, forming a Youth Climate Action Chapter or using one of our STEAM Experiential Education Programming in your classroom, contact