Hibernia KidsPlace

multi-coloured lights light up the tunnel entrance to kidsplace


Explore! Touch! Play! Learn!

Learning is fun at Hibernia KidsPlace. It’s a kid’s world, with plenty of chances to experience the wonder and excitement of planet Earth, both past and present.

Specially designed for little ones seven years of age and younger, Hibernia KidsPlace features hands-on activities designed to inspire active young minds. They’ll have fun, but they’ll also be learning and stretching their imaginations.

While your little ones are here they’ll have no shortage of activities to keep them laughing and learning…

Travel through our Time Tunnel into our volcano and enter a land with giant prehistoric bugs.

Examine the fossils on our Fossil Mountain and trace a few of your favorites.

Climb into our oil rig and then slide down to check out what’s underneath!

Travel to Moon Base GEO and try your hand at the glove boxes or create your own space creature.

Design and build whatever you can imagine.

Get creative with art and colouring.

Kids must be accompanied by an adult, but don’t worry… we’re sure you’ll have fun too!