Grades 7-9

Grade 7 – Tectonic Travellers 

This program focuses on Unit 4 Chapter 11 of the Grade 7 curriculum, Earth’s Crust, and covers many of the outcomes of this section. Students will look at the phenomenon of soil liquefaction, estimate the size of Earth’s solid inner core, and learn about seismic waves travelling through Earth. They will also look at Plate Tectonics, their boundaries, and how they interact. Students will use a customized computer program to track earthquakes and volcanoes and their relations to tectonic plate boundaries and also interact with a large model geologic time scale.

Grade 8 – Aquanauts

This program is under review!

Grade 9 – Cosmic Journey 

In this new program, students will take a cosmic journey through our night sky. They will explore the solar system, get a feel for just how large (and forceful) Jupiter really is, and see a comet up close and personal! Students will also get the chance to learn about impact craters, moon phases, far-away galaxies, and awe-inspiring nebulae. Finally, they will take a jaunt around Mars with our new Mars Rover Curiosity, designed exclusively for the grade 9 Geo Class. Maximum of 50 students.



Max Group Size: 60 students Duration: 1.5 to 2.25 hours

Time: mornings and afternoons

Days of the week: Monday to Friday

Rate: $5.50/ Student

One (1) chaperone per ten (10) students (admitted free)

$5.75/ additional chaperones (teachers fall into the chaperone category)

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