Public Lecture: Hilary Corlett, "Early Paleozoic microbial carbonates of west Newfoundland – their significance and beauty”

a landscape of seaside rocks on a sunny day


Microbial carbonates play a big role in the beginnings of complex life on our planet. In the early Paleozoic, atmospheric oxygen was still much lower than today and life in the world’s oceans took on many complex forms. During intervals of stress and limited resources, microbes filled ecological gaps and created beautiful structures on shallow marine platforms. We can learn a great deal about the conditions that existed in these environments by examining the shapes of these structures, and through understanding more about the microbes that built them. In this introduction to west Newfoundland’s incredible microbial mats, mounds, and pillars, we will explore their role in and the establishment of marine ecosystems that resemble those of modern day, and how their presence in the rock record signals major biotic turnovers. 


Admission by Donation. Doors open 6:30pm.

Location: Johnson Geo Centre

Date and Time: Tuesday, Oct 3rd at 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM (NDT)