Visual Computing and Games Stream

Why study Visual Computing and Games?

Visual perception is responsible for most of our impressions about the world around us. The visual computing field in computer science studies how to use computer to both mimic humans’ visual processing power (such as object recognition) and to create visual content (such as games and movies). Computer games offer a great opportunity for computer scientists to learn and apply fundamental concepts of the design and creation of interactive experiences and visual content.

The courses in the VCG stream cover a variety of sub-fields that are related to visual computing and interaction, including image processing, computer vision, multimedia, and game development. The stream has a strong emphasis on hands-on learning and exploration of applied aspects of visual computing and games. Students in this stream will be equipped with skills that will allow them to develop professionally in these visually oriented fields, and will also be prepared for graduate studies in computer graphics, vision and human-computer interaction.

Visual Computing and Games Courses
Core (all required)
COMP 3300: Interactive Technologies
COMP 3301: Visual Computing and Applications
COMP 4300: Introduction to Game Programming
Stream Electives (two required)
COMP 3200: Algorithmic Techniques for Artificial Intelligence
COMP 4301: Computer Vision
COMP 4302: 3D Computer Graphics
COMP 4303: Artificial Intelligence in Computer Games
COMP 4304: Data Visualization
Further CS Elective (one required)
COMP 4766: Introduction to Autonomous Robotics
COMP 4768: Software Development for Mobile Devices

Admission to the Major programs in the Department of Computer Science is highly competitive and selective.  There is a set of courses that you must complete here at Memorial before you can apply.  Full details about how and when to apply can be found here, and please see our FAQ page for more information and advice.

Please note that the Visual Compting and Games Stream is only available to students taking a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree.
Required Courses to Complete the Major

As a component of the Degree Regulations for the General Degree of Bachelor of Science, for the CS Major (Visual Computing and Games) you must complete the following courses:

  1. Forty-five credit hours in computer science:
    1. Computer Science 1001, 1002, 1003, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.
    2. Computer Science 3300, 3301, and 4300.
    3. Six additional credit hours in Computer Science courses selected from Computer Science 3200, 4301, 4302, 4303, 4304.
    4. Three additional credit hours in Computer Science courses selected from those listed in c. above, or Computer Science 4766, 4768.
  2. Mathematics 1000, 1001, 2000, 2050, and Statistics 2500 or 2550.
Suggested Courses (all Majors programs)

In addition to the set of required courses, students are encouraged to take Mathematics 3000 and Statistics 2560.


Since the program specifies approximately half of the courses required for your degree, a great deal of your program will be made up of elective courses, both in computer science and other disciplines. These electives can be chosen from many areas, subject to the general regulations for the Faculty of Science or the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Choose your electives wisely

The quality and usefulness of your degree to both yourself and prospective employers depend, to some extent, on the elective courses that you choose. A general recommendation is to try to have a concentration of courses in one or two other areas: for example, an area in which you have a professional interest (an area in which you wish to work in the future) or an area in which you have a personal interest. In order to accomplish this, we recommend that you choose some area as a minor, and work to fulfil the requirements for a minor in that area as specified in the university Calendar.

And Finally...

Remember to keep track of your progress!

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