Before submitting your request, read the instructions and information at Advising: Registration Issues.

When your application is complete, submit your form, plus all accompanying documentation, to

Course Change Form
  • For adding or dropping courses outside of the regular time period.
Application for a Deferred Examination
  • For campus-based courses.
Application for a Deferred Examination (web-based course)
  • Follow the guidance in the linked page to access the form.
  • ⚠ Requires MUN login.
  • ⚠ A fee is involved.
Student Health Certificate
  • This must be submitted if the reason for the request is medical.
  • Read the notes below.
Information Required in Certificates from Health Professionals

A student who requests permission to drop courses, to withdraw from university studies, to have examinations deferred or to obtain other waivers of university, departmental or course regulations based on health issues is required to provide, in support of the request, a Student Health Certificate from a health professional.

The certificate must be completed with sufficient detail to allow a proper consideration of a student's case. The university requires that all such certificates must be signed by the health professional, must confirm the specific dates on which the student visited the health professional and must include details on the following:

  1. The degree to which the health issue (or treatment, in the case of medication, for example) is likely to have affected the student’s ability to study, attend classes, or sit examinations;
  2. The length of time over which the student’s abilities were likely hampered by the condition (e.g., recurring and severe back pain over a two-month period would likely have a more adverse effect on studies than a single episode of back pain requiring bed rest for a week);
  3. The fitness of the student to resume studies (it is in the student’s best interest not to return to studies prematurely).

Confidentiality: The University respects the privacy of students and will keep confidential all such certificates. A student should request that the health professional retain a copy of such a certificate in case the certificate needs to be verified or reissued at a later date.