COMP 1002: Introduction to Logic for Computer Scientists

This course is an introduction to discrete structures for all computer science majors.

It is required for entry into the  MAJ   CS Major and the  MIN   CS Minor.

Lab In addition to classes, this course has one structured laboratory session per week.

Prerequisites: None

Availability: This course is usually offered in Fall, Winter and Spring semesters.

Course Objectives

To provide basic understanding of logic and discrete structures used throughout computer science, with the focus on computer science-specific applications such as Boolean circuits and basic algorithm analysis.

Representative Workload
  • Assignments 40%
  • Lab Quizzes 30%
  • Final Exam 30%
Representative Course Outline
  • Propositional and predicate logic (9 hours)
  • Set theory, functions, relations and incomputability (4 hours)
  • Proof techniques including induction (10 hours)
  • Basic counting and modular arithmetic (5 hours)
  • Credit cannot be obtained for both Computer Science 1002 and either of Computer Science 2742 or Engineering 4424.
  • Students cannot received credit for Computer Science 1002, if completed with, or subsequent to, Mathematics 2320.
  • See the FAQ for why we require Computer Science 1002 for entry into the CS Major, and not Mathematics 2320.
  • COMP 1002 can be taken before or at the same time as COMP 1003, but COMP 1003 cannot be taken before COMP 1002.

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