Terra Nova Partnership Process

During the initial workshop of the Harris Centre's Thriving Region's Partnership Process, research priorities for the region are set through a facilitated discussion with stakeholders, partners, and interested citizens in the region from public, private, community and education sectors. These priorities are then used to open a call for Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from the university community's researchers. A fund evaluation committee, comprised of local and academic members, reviews the EOIs and decides on three projects to move forward.

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In April, the Harris Centre held it’s first Thriving Regions workshop in the Terra Nova region.

Workshop participants developed nine broader themes and then selected four as their top priorities:

  1. Economic Development
  2. Food Production and Security
  3. Population Growth and Development (including underlying social determinants of health)
  4. Regionalization

Further information on the discussions and identified themes can be found in the workshop’s summary report here: "Terra Nova Thriving Regions Summary Report"

Steering Committee members for the Terra Nova TRPP include: John Baird, Roger Bradley, Sandy Collins, Arthur Dyke, Bernette Earl, Dion Geange, Gord Janes, Tracy McCurdy, Lori Moss, Colleen Moulton and Alan Pickersgill