Humber Valley

Humber Valley Thriving Regions Partnership Process

In November 2021, the Harris Centre completed the first workshop in Cormac for the Thriving Regions Partnership Process.

Workshop participants developed nine broader themes and then selected three as their top priorities:

  • Regional supports for social, mental and physical well-being: This theme recognizes that thriving communities are also healthy communities. Participants adopted a broader conception of health that included topics such as access to healthcare, independent living options, strong social networks, opportunities for intergenerational relationships and mental health training and awareness. There is also interest in the influence of transient workforce on the wellbeing of family and community structures.
  • Sustainable Population and Labour: Recognizing regional demographic challenges, the participants are interested in exploring and engaging innovative or non-traditional workforce models and improving life-work balance in the region. There is strong interest in identifying strategies for attracting new people and families and for retaining those already in the region.
  • Training, Education and Innovation: Programs focused on innovative training approaches and skills development for rural entrepreneurs and social enterprises are of particular interest to the region, including how to better educate and support youth in pursuing entrepreneurial business opportunities.

Workshop participants expressed their desire that proposed projects for any of the above themes:

a.) show how they are relevant and can be applied to one or both of the following key sectors in the region: (i.) tourism, (ii.) agriculture and food security.

b.) account for their contribution to healthy natural environments (e.g., climate change mitigation or adaptation) in the region.

Further information on the discussions and identified themes can be found in the workshop’s summary report, click here for the full workshop report

The Harris Centre is releasing a Call for Expressions of Interest from Memorial University faculty, staff and students to complete research projects focusing on the priority themes that were identified. A proposal evaluation committee comprised of local and academic members will choose which researchers will move forward in the process and attend a second workshop later in 2021. These researchers will then refine their research plans and incorporate input from the residents in the region.

This is a flexible fund with a total of $45,000 available for one or more applied research projects focused on the regionally-identified Humber Valley priorities. We welcome both EOIs seeking smaller amounts of funding as well as larger projects for up to the full amount available (i.e., up to $45,000) from MUN faculty, students (including international students) and staff.

In cases where researchers request larger amounts of funding, we strongly encourage projects that lend themselves to multi-disciplinary research teams.

An independent evaluation committee will make final recommendations with regards to both the number of awards and funding amounts within the $45,000 envelope.

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