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Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in NewfoundlandRegional Climate Workshops Summary Reporta report summarizing the results of the 2023 Regional Climate Workshops held in partnership with Econext in six locations across the province throughout 2023 - Released March 2024

Improving labour force participation and labour market outcomes of the under-represented groups in the Newfoundland and Labrador natural resources sector: a final report by final report from Dr. Tony Fang, Stephen Jarislowsky Chair in Cultural and Economic Transformation - Released February 2024

Regional Economic Development Workshop December 2023: Setting a Course: a report released by the Harris Centre in partnership with Municipalities NL, the the NL Association of Community Business Development Corporations (CBDC) and the Community Sector Council of NL - Released January 2024

Memorial University's UArctic Report 2023: a report outlining Memorial's engagemend with the University of the Arctic (UArctic) and other member institutions across the North - Released December 2023





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The Geography of Higher Education of Newfoundland and Labrador: Assessing the role of Memorial University within its regional innovation ecosystem (A report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD)

Community-Based Sustainable and Equitable Employment in Aquaculture on the Burin Peninsula (Dr. Christine Knott & Dr. Maria Andrée López Gómez)

Regionalizing the sustainable development goals: interpretations of priorities and key actors for creating sustainable island futures (Mark Stoddart, Yixi Yang, and Cole Atlin)


Building Resilient Coastal Communities Through Social Enterprises
(Mary Louise Aastrup, Joan Cranston, and Natalie Slawinski)

Strategies for NL's Shrinking Workforce Regional Approaches for Regional Impacts (David Freshwater and Jamie Ward)
- Read the Summary Report


Vodden ERGM Report Nov 2022
L. Butters, H. Hall and K. Vodden with D. Lionais, S. Burns, R. Kanyangarara, M. Sanchez, and J. Lawlor

Younger Adults’ Attitudes towards Older Adults: Does Growing up in a Rural Community Matter? 

Leslie Cake, Daniel Nadolny, Roshayne Mendis, Benjamin Zendel, and Veronica Hutchings

Consilient Technologies & the NL Advanced Technology Sector:
The Seeding Of An Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Blair Winsor, Jacqui Walsh, and Colin Mason

Organics Waste to Value Forum: What We Heard
Chris Paterson, Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator, Harris Centre, Memorial University

The State of Innovation in NL and the Role of Memorial University
Scott McKnight, Rob Greenwood, Heather Hall, Blair Winsor, and Stephanie LeGresley

Organic Waste Management in NL: Exploring Opportunities in Management and Utili
Laura McCardle

Immigration and Employment: Barriers, Bridges, and Benefits
Panelists: Aleksandra Stefanovic, Sheri Abbott, Dr. Tony Fang, Michael Clair



Efficient and Economic Storage: Deepika Dave Dr. Deepika Dave, Memorial University

Recycling Solutions for End-of-Life Fishing Rope in Newfoundland
Lesley James

Protecting Atlantic Salmon Aquaculture Production from Climate-Related Challeng
Eric Ignatz

Employer Attitudes Towards Hiring Newcomers and International Students in the A
Dr. Tony Fang, Dr. Jane Zhu, and Alex David Wells

Immigration in Newfoundland and Labdrador
Michael Clair

Sustainable Island Futures Project:

Full Northern_Coalition_ProjectDr. Keith Storey & Ms. Meghan Eibner



Sustainable production of engineered soils from local materials
A formulation, evaluation, and repurposing of engineered soils
Dr. Adrian Unc & Amana Kedir

Baccalieu Trail: Traditional Knowledge Inventory
Dr. Holly Everett, Mr. Dale Gilbert Jarvis, Ms. Katie Crane

 Culture, Nature, & History: Identifying Sustainable Tourism Opportunities for the Burin Peninsula
Prepared by Simone Cominelli & Marie Louise Aastrup



Generation of a Business Model to help address food and nutrition security in t
Dr. Carlos Bazan, Mr. Bennett Newhook, Ms. Hannah Gaultois

Summary of the Public Consultation Sessions Regarding the Muskrat Falls Project
Michael Clair, MBA

Granulation of Powdered Activated Carbon Generated from Corner Brook Pulp and P
Dr. Tahir Husain, Afsoon Taghizadehgan

Demographics as Destiny?
Rob Greenwood, Alvin Simms and Jamie Ward

Vision Based Pay-as-you-throw system
Songyuan Ji and Minglun Gong

Restoring and retelling the story of Grenfell Gardens

Gregory Wood and Jose Lam


Storytelling Through Shadow Puppetry on the Southwest Coast
Dr. Jamie Skidmore


Lights Camera Grow:Documenting a community’s response to food insecurity in Southwestern Newfoundland and Labrador

Dr. Paul De Decker

Exploring Regional Approaches to Drinking Water Management in the Strait of Bel
Dr. Kelly Vodden, Mr. Vincent Kuuteryiri Chireh

Improved Safety and Value for Paper Pulp Waste Associated with Bottle Cleaning
Christina Bottaro, David Hopkins, Soraya Moore, Kelly Hawboldt

Impacts of CETA on Sustainability of Northern Tip Coastal Communities
Jack Daly and Ratana Chuenpagdee

Application of Waste Cooking Oil in Construction of Asphalt Pavement
Kamal Hossain and Rayhan Ahmed

Dowsing for Knowledge: Probing the Depth of Arsenic Awareness in Rural Newfound
Daniel Hewitt, Wendy Graham, Shabnam Asghari, Cameron MacLellan, Thomas Heeley

Pyrolysis of waste plastic fish bags (polyethylene and polypropylene) to useabl
Shofiur Rahman, Kelly Hawboldt, Robert Helleur & Stephanie MacQuarrie

An Update on the 2004 Pre-Feasibility Study for a Fixed Link between Labrador a

Mapping Knowledge Seeking in the St. John?s and Corner Brook Entrepreneurial Ec
Blair Winsor and Ken Carter

Solid-Liquid Separation of Waste Petroleum Drilling Mud in Offshore Newfoundlan
Hesam Hassan Nejad

Retention and Integration of Refugees in Newfoundland and Labrador
Tony Fang et al.



A Biorefinery Approach for Sustainable Utilization on NL Aquaculture Industry's
Dr. Deepika Dave

Yaffle It

Regional Tourism Networks and Social-Environmental Wellbeing in Rural Coastal C HUSAIN_WATER_16-17Mark CJ Stoddart et al.

Populism, Energy Walls, and Executive Domination HUSAIN_WATER_16-17Stephen Tomblin

HUSAIN_WATER_16-17Javid Shadbahr, He Zhang & Tahir Husain 

Asking the Big Questions: Reflections on a Sustainable Post Oil-dependent NewfoRosemary E. Ommer, Barbara Neis & David Brake

Applying Biochar to Reduce Leachate Toxicity and Greenhouse Gas Production in M
Joinal Abedin

Rig Your Fit-Out: An Environmental Scan of Food Policy Levers for the City-RegiCatherine L. Mah, Nathan G. A. Taylor,Stephanie Pomeroy & Rebecca Hasdell

Shrimp Allocation Policies and Regional Development Under Conditions of EnvironPaul Foley, Charles Mather, Robyn Morris, Jamie Snook

Affordable Water Filtration Technology for Small Rural CommunitiesHe Zhang, Hoda Tafvizi, Tahir Husain & Yuan Chen

Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Mill Waste ManagementHe Zhang, Tahir Husain & Yuan Chen

The Manifestations of Prejudice in Everyday Life: An Examination of Racial MicrJames Baker

Testing Domestic Rainwater Harvesting as a Measure to Improve Drinking Water AcMaura Hanrahan & Nick Mercer

Composting of Municipal Sludge - Riverhead Wastewater Treatment FacilityTahir Husain et. al
Yaffle It

Organic Waste in Newfoundland and Labrador: A Review of Available Agriculture, Adrian Unc et. al


Salmon Processing Waste: A Prospective Source for NutraceuticalsDeepika Dave

Rural Manufacturing submission to House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology
By Dr. Robert Greenwood, Executive Director, the Leslie Harris Centre of Regional Policy and Development

Strategic Doing: An IntroductionEd Morrison
Agile Strategy Lab, Purdue University - Workshop Presentation

The Lifelong Impacts of Adverse Experiences in the Early YearsCompiled by Taylor Stocks

A Framework for Better Understanding Drinking Water Quality in Happy Valley-GooMerline Fonkwe

Government and Community Responses to Drinking Water Challenges and Crises in RMaura Hanrahan, Benjamin Dosu Jr. & Sarah Minnes

Regional Population Projections for Labrador and the Northern Peninsula 2016-20Alvin Simms & Jamie Ward

Safe Drinking Water Supply for Small & Rural Communities in NL with a Case StudJingjing Ling, He Zhang & Tahir Husain

Documenting Spatial and Temporal Variations of Subsurface Contaminates Using TrMerline Fonkwe Online and on-ocean crowdsourcing for adaptive fisheries manageYolanda Wiersma, Matt McWilliams with the Fishermen and Fisherwomen of Fogo Island

A Study to Characterize and Source Hydrocarbon Contamination of Sediments and SPenny Morrill & Melissa Cook


A Study on Food Security Among Single Parents and Elderly Populations in St. JoAtanu Sarkar, Martha Traverso-Yepez, Veeresh Gadag & Kelly Hunger

A Regional Approach to Drinking Water Management: NL-BC Comparative Water SysteSarah-Patricia Breen & Sarah Minnes

MUN (St. John?s Campus) Composting Pilot ProjectMadonna Bishop

Sunnyside Drinking Water Project: Examining Chlorinated Disinfectant By-productJen Daniels and Kelly Vodden

Atlantic Provinces Transportation Forum 2015: Final ReportMike Clair

Forum Summary Report: Can Fracking be Done in a Sustainable Way?Mike Clair

Use of Blue-Green Algae to Improve the Chemical Quality of Municipal Solid WastYujio Wang and Tahir Husain

Exploring Appropriate Business Models for Establishment of Water Quality MonitoAtanu Sarkar, Tom Cooper, Kalen Thomson & Md. Arifur Rahman

Use of activated carbon from oily fly ash to remove disinfectant by-products frMasood Ahmad & Tahir Husain

Mitigating Spatial Interference in a Scalable Robot Recycling SystemAndrew Vardy

Development of Predictive Models for Disenfectant By-products and Filtration TeMasood Ahmad & Tahir Husain 

Profiling Regional Watershed Management on the Northeast Avalon: Integrating PrEvan Edinger, Luise Hermanutz

Solid waste spent catalyst recover from North Atlantic Refinery?s petrochemicalHesam Hassan Nejad, Paris Georghiou & Maura Shirin Shafiei Zadeh
Song and Story Traditions of the Loggers of Newfoundland and LabradorUrsula Kelly

Potential for Using Biochar to Improve Soil Fertility and Increase Crop ProductJoinal Abedin

Water quality in Aboriginal communities in Labrador: A study of the Southern InAtanu Sarkar & Maura Hanrahan

Potentials for Public Engagement in Source Water Protection in Newfoundland andSarah Minnes

The Association of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus and Drinking Water Contamination inAlex Comeau


Quebec Lower North Shore-Labrador Straits Regional Collaboration Workshop

Fishing Policies and Island Community Development

Emily Thomas and Kelly Vodden, with Ratana Chuenpagdee and Maureen Woodrow
The Applied Research Fund Yaffle It

The Intangible Impacts of Tourism: The Battle Harbour National Historic DistricMark Stoddart, Howard Ramos & David Chafe

Sorting Recyclable Materials by a Robotic SwarmAndrew Vardy

Philanthropy as a Vehicle for Regional DevelopmentRyan Gibson, Joshua Barrett, Stephen Parmiter

The Potential for Fish Processing Wastes for Biodiesel ProductionDeepika Dave, Ph.D., Heather Manuel, MSc., MBA

An Environmental Scan of Factors Relevant for Sustainable Food Production in NLEmily Doyle

Development of Advanced Composting Technologies for Municipal Organic Waste TreDr. Baiyu Zhang, Dr. Leonard Lye, Khoshrooz Kazemi, Weiyun Lin

Composition and decomposition of atmospheric reactive nitrogen to boreal forsesTrevor VandenBoer

The ethnobotany and medicinal prop erties of rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) in Labrador and potential applications in cLuise Hermanutz, Vanessa Mardones & Alain Cuerrier

Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve UNESCO World Heritage designation: Pathways tAlistair Bath & Beatrice Frank

Functional Regions Project 2014 "Local Labour Markets as a New Way of Organizing Policies for Stronger Regional Economic Development in Atlantic Canada" by David Freshwater, Alvin Simms & Jamie Ward

Exploring Solutions for Sustainable Rural Drinking Water Systems: a study of ruSarah Minnes, Dr. Kelly Vodden and Team

Challenges, Opportunities and Strategies for Advancing Innovation in NewfoundlaHeather Hall, Jacqueline Walsh, Kelly Vodden and Rob Greenwood

Training and Development for a Successful Tourism Industry in Newfoundland: A LBronwyn L. Cass

Developing a community-based monitoring program for drinking water supplies in Stephen Holisko, David Speed, Dr. Kelly Vodden and Dr. Atanu Sarkar

Myth and Reality in Eastern Canada-Northeastern U.S. RegionalismDr. Stephen G. Tomblin, Department of Political Science

The Benefits And Sustainability Of School Gardens: A Case Study Of St. Francis Emily Doyle, Division of Community Health and Humanities

From Challenges to Opportunities: Towards Future Strategies and a Decision SuppDr. Bing Chen, Dr. Baiyu Zhang Pu Li, Qionghong Cai, Weiyun Lin, and Bo Liu

Canadian Regional Development- A Critical Review of Theory, Practice, and PotenJennifer Daniels, Kelly Vodden, Sarah Minnes and Sarah Breen

Arsenic Removal by Sand Filtration for Potable Water in NewfoundlandMr. Danial Bin Rohail and Dr. Cynthia Coles

Production of Biomaterials from Solid Biomass Wastes for the Mining IndustryShafiq Alam, Ph.D., P.Eng.

The STAGE ProjectDr. Denyse Lynde, Dr. Rob Ormsby, Colleen Quigley and Tom Halford

Enabling a Wildlife-Roadway Collision Warning and Mitigation System using WirelDr. C. Li and Dr. R. Venkatesan, Faculty of Engineering


Fisheries allocation policies and regional development: Successes from the NewfPaul Foley, Charles Mather and Barbara Neis

The James Robert Andersen Archive: A Contribution to the Development and PractiMark David Turner and Tom Gordon, School of Music

Building an Inclusive Society: Youth and Teacher Perspectives on Immigration, MDr. Amanda Bittner, Memorial University & James Baker, Association for New Canadians

Pilot-Scale Demonstration of Biosurfactant-Enhanced In- Situ Bioremediation of Dr. Baiyu Zhang, Zhiwen Zhu, Liang Jing, Qinhong Cai and Zelin Li

Evaluation of the Leslie Harris Centre Funding Programs: Impacts and OutcomesMeghan Mahoney, MASP workterm student
Developpement du milieu des affaires francophone/bilingue du Labrador Ouest / The Development of the Francophone/Bilingual Community of the Labrador West RegionMike Clair, The Harris Centre

Understanding Regional Governance in Newfoundland and Labrador: A Survey of RegKelly Vodden and Heather Hall with David Freshwater

Networks for Business Innovation in Corner Brook, NLJose Lam, Ken Carter, Louise McGillis, Candice Pike, Marion McCahon & Kelly Vodden

Closing the Loop on Lignocellulosic -based Solid Waste Management: Production oDr. Robert Helleur, Travis Dalley, Perry Mitchell, Department of Chemistry, Memorial University


Risk-based Evaluation of Landfill Gas Flare Efficiency Using Computational FluiDr. Rouzbeh Abbassi and Professor Kelly Hawboldt, Process Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Memorial University

Experiments in Rural Development and Ecosystem-Based Management: The PossibilitErin Kelly, PhD, Environment Policy Institute, Grenfell Campus

Fostering Sustainable Food Systems in Newfoundland: A Case Study of the West CoKatie Temple and Dr. Angela Carter, Environment Policy Unit, Grenfell Campus

Recycling from the Margins: Informal Recycling Networks in St. John's as SocialMichelle Porter, Department of Geography, Memorial University

Waste Audit 2011-2012, St. John's Campus Toby Rowe, Sustainability Coordinator, Sustainability Office, Memorial University

Engaging Youth for Sustainable Coastal Community EconomiesRaïsa Mirza, Department of Geography, Memorial University

Canadian Provincial Policies and Programs for Women in LeadershipLynn Guppy, Department of Geography, Memorial University

Building Agricultural Capacity in Newfoundland and Labrador A. James Quinlan, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University

A Study of Groundwater Quality of Private Wells in Western Newfoundland CommuniDr. Atanu Sarkar, Dr. Mano Krishnapillai, Dr. James Valcour


Making the Connection: Lessons from the Leslie Harris Centre of Regional Policy and Development, Memorial University
Dr. Rob Greenwood, Presentation to Making the Connection: Universities and Community Economic Development, Fredericton, N.B., Oct. 18, 2011

Defining Regions for Building Economic Development Capacity in Newfoundland andDavid Freshwater, Alvin Simms and Kelly Vodden, Memorial University, November 2011, (also see: 2006 Newfoundland and Labrador Functional Regions Map)

Action Canada Papers on Labrador Mining, Aboriginal Governance and Muskrat FallDr. Keith Storey, Dr. Larry Felt, and David Vardy, Memorial University, October 2011

A Commitment to Place: The Social Foundations of Innovation in Newfoundland andRob Greenwood and Candice Pike with Wade Kearley, Memorial University

Knowledge mobilization processes during the research process in two projects: lDavid Speed, Department of Psychology, Memorial University

Metropolis on the margins: talent attraction and retention to the St. John?s ci
Josh Lepawsky, Crystal Pham, Department of Geography, Rob Greenwood, Harris Centre, Memorial University

Harris Centre Major Activities, 2004/05- 2010/11





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