Professional Associates

Professional Associate is an official designation of Memorial University that formalizes the relationship between professionals and the Memorial unit to which their extraordinary services contribute.

Harris Centre Professional Associates are individuals who make important and ongoing contributions to the work of the Harris Centre through initiatives such as sitting on or chairing committees or task forces, as well as consulting or being otherwise involved in various projects.

Harris Centre Professional Associates are recommended for appointment by the Harris Centre Nomination Committee (an internal committee chaired by Advisory Board member Dr. Evan Simpson) and officially appointed by the Vice President (Academic) for a renewable term of three years.


David Vardy

Retired civil servant; former Associate Director (Public Policy), Harris Centre

Merv Andrews

Retired professor, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Memorial University

Mark Shrimpton

Consultant, Stantech; Adjunct professor,

Department of Geography, Memorial University

Keith Storey

Retired professor, and Head of the Department of Geography, Memorial University

Elizabeth Beale

President and CEO of the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council (APEC)

Ray Bollman

Research Associate, Rural Development Institute,

Brandon University; former Chief, Rural Research

Group, Agriculture Division, Statistics Canada 

Ashley Fitzpatrick

Journalist; ForecastNL steering committee member