About Public Forums

Harris Centre Public Forums

The Harris Centre has four main public forum formats:

Memorial Presents

Memorial Presents provides an opportunity for discussion on an issue of current public interest. The format usually includes and panel discussion, and may include a keynote presenter to open the panel discussion. Memorial Presents public forums are usually held in the evening and are webcast live on our website and YouTube channel.

Synergy Sessions

Synergy Sessions provide an opportunity for a public discussion on a more sector-specific or targeted topic of interest. The format usual includes a one presenter, and may include a follow-up panel discussion. These sessions are held more frequently than Memorial Presents, usual during the workday. Sessions are also webcast live and archived for future use by policy makers, teachers and other interested individuals.

Yaffle Connects

Yaffle Connects provides a causal and friendly café-style format for researchers, community groups, and individuals to present ideas, projects and research of interest – essentially the ‘live’ version of Yaffle. The focus of this format is to build connections, broker collaborations, and share ideas.
To view summaries, reports, and videos of our Yaffle Connects sessions, click here.
If you have a great idea for a Yaffle Connects Session, submit your idea online!

Galbraith Lecture

The John Kenneth Galbraith Lectureship in Public Policy is an opportunity for Memorial University to invite a nationally or internationally renowned speaker to discuss an issue of current interest. The lectures are held in St. John's and there is one Galbraith Lecture per academic year. 

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