Regional Climate Workshops

Are you concerned about the impact climate change will have on your community and region? Do you have ideas for adaptation strategies?

The Harris Centre, in partnership with econext and CLIMAtlantic, have been hosting a series of regional workshops to discuss the impacts and adaptation opportunities associated with climate change in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The focus of these sessions is to discuss the effects of climate change at a regional level, to explore regional options for climate adaptation, and identify potential regional development opportunities related to climate action. These sessions will build on and utilize information gathered during the Harris Centre’s Forecast NL initiative along with resources available through CLIMAtlantic

The intent of these workshops is to: 

  • Engage community members and stakeholders from different NL regions and sectors in a mutually beneficial exchange of information around climate change adaptation priorities, approaches, resources and outstanding questions.
  • Produce summaries of regional discussions that can be used by local and provincial organizations to inform their planning and provision of technical assistance resources toward the issues of highest interest, priority and need.
  • Provide opportunities for workshop participants to collectively identify adaptation strategies and actions they could pursue together in their region, along with questions and topics about which they would like to receive further information.
  • Highlight opportunities for the collection and dissemination of additional information – either already existing or developed through new research – focused on key questions and topics identified by community members and stakeholders.


Further locations and workshops to be confirmed - stay tuned!

Please visit our Resources page for links to helpful background information; read the Gazette story here.