Future of Rural NL Series

Future of Rural NL

The population crisis in NL is for the most part a rural crisis. This isn’t a new thing, or something unique to NL, but what is different here is how much of our identity (and our selling feature) is tied up in our rural identity and way of life – so if rural declines, where does that leave the province as a whole? Over the coming months the Harris Centre will take a deep dive into what issues are facing rural Newfoundland and Labrador and what possible strategies for rebuilding, reimagining and reviving rural can help us adapt to a changing future.

Series Sessions: 

Regionalization: the why, who and how (Synergy Session March 8)
Come from Away and Stay: Stories of newcomers making rural NL home (Synergy Session March 29)
Social Innovation in Rural Development - Discussion Series (in partnership with the Centre for Social Enterprise)

Stay tuned, more sessions to come.