Great Northern Peninsula Thriving Regions Partnership Process

In 2016, the Harris Centre partnered with Grenfell Campus (through GO Engagement)  to deliver the Sustainable Northern Coastal Communities Initiative and Thriving Regions Partnership Process on the Great Northern Peninsula.

The project began with the development of a conference to provide a platform for discussion and to create a space for action to support the growth and development of the Great Northern Peninsula. The conference focused on four key themes that were developed with local partners: Regional Governance, Fisheries and Port, Tourism, and Entrepreneurship.

Our Way Forward: Sharing Knowledge and Building Capacity for Regional Developme, St. Anthony, November 15-18, 2016 

Following this conference, the Harris Centre received funding for both the Sustainable Northern Coastal Communities Initiative and the Thriving Regions Partnership Process, and began partnering with GO Engagement to build on the exciting work completed in the region. With the help of a local advisory committee, the themes from the 2016 conference were used in a call for Expressions of Interest to the university community to complete work in the region. The updated themes can be found here

A fund evaluation committee decided on the following three research projects to move forward in the region:

  • Grenfell's Gardens: Researching, Restoring and Re-telling the Story (Greg Wood, Faculty of Education and Grenfell Campus)
  • Feasibility Study on Innovative and Value-added Dried Fish and Dried Aquatic Products for Canadian and International Markets (Jose Lam, School of Arts and Social Science, Grenfell Campus)
  • Impacts of Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement on Sustainability of Northern Tip Coastal Communities (Jack Daly, Department of Geography, St. John’s Campus)

A second workshop was held in December 2017 to bring the researchers to the region to receive input on their projects and develop community partnerships. 

Sustainable Northern Coastal Communities Regional Engagement Session: Great Nor, St. Anthony, December 5-6, 2017

Following the workshop, the researchers submitted full research plans, which were reviewed and approved by the fund evaluation committee. The researchers began their research projects in the winter of 2017 and visited St. Anthony to provide an update on their projects in the fall of 2018.

Researchers presented their final results early in 2019.

Final Reports:

Retelling and Restoring the story of Grenfell Gardens

Impacts of CETA on Sustainability of Northern Tip Coastal Communities