Terms and Conditions - St. John's Campus

Accommodating your needs is our top priority however, we cannot guarantee the space you request will be available. If the room/space is not available a representative will contact you to help find a suitable alternative. Once your booking is confirmed you will receive an email confirmation. Please be aware that non-compliance with the following terms and conditions may revoke ability to book in the future.

Rental charges apply to:

Groups external to Memorial University for the use of space on St. John’s campus.

Internal individuals booking space for an external purpose (i.e. faculty member booking a classroom for a ski club) and/or if the internal group/individual is charging a fee to attendees.

Rental fee is due upon receipt of invoice from Conference and Event Services. Find out more about pricing here.

Rental charges do not apply to:

Internal individuals who book for University business and are not charging a fee for admission to the event.

MUNSU ratified student societies.

Cancellation policy

Classrooms/Theatres: Cancellations must be received in writing within 72 hours of event date.

Junior Common Room/Chapel: Cancellations must be received in writing three weeks in advance of event date.


University facilities are booked as is. Memorial University does not accept any responsibility for damage, loss of equipment, cleaning, etc. The client shall be responsible for the cost of all damage to the premises which is caused by any person involved with or attending the event and shall reimburse the University for such costs within 15 days of the University providing the client with an invoice for such damages. Damages include but are not limited to damage to property or content resulting from moving, covering or using Memorial University property.