MUGS - Memorial University Geographical Society


MUGS is our Undergraduate student society, which over the years has played an important role both on and off campus. MUGS students volunteer in many ways, in the organization of campus-wide events such as sports, clubs or society days, the annual Science Open House and the winter carnival. MUGS students also regularly contribute to campus wide or departmental peer tutoring programs. In 1997, the MUGS was selected for the MUN Volunteer Club or Society of the Year Award. The MUGS organizes departmental social and sport events such as mixers, field trips, bowling, skating, and hockey. Although it is the geographical society and many of our members are geography majors, all students are welcome.

A warm invitation is extended to first-year students to join this fun loving and friendly society. Drop by SN 2026 any time and meet other students who share common interests.

The MUGS Executive can be contacted by email.

The members of the MUGS executive committee are:

President-                     Ian Scott
Vice President-           Madison Emshey
Treasurer-                    Abigail Oliver
Secretary-                     Madeline Hart
Social Chairs-             Sarah Kirby
Social Media Chair- Ella Gregson