This page includes geography-related web sites classified under the following headings:

  • Careers in Geography
  • Post Secondary Students
  • Educators (Canadian organizations)
  • Educators (International organizations)

Careers in Geography

These sites present information on careers in a variety of disciplines related to geography and provides links to several other sites:
Organization: Canadian Association of Geographers
Organization: American Association of Geographers
Organization: Geography Jobs

Post Secondary Students
Organization: Canadian Association of Geographers
Organization: Association of American Geographers
Organization: Royal Canadian Geographic Society; This site includes a list of recent geographical publications and maps.
Organization: International Geographical Union

Educators (Canadian organizations)
Organization: Canadian Geographic Education
Organization: Canadian Geographic magazine
Organization: Natural Resources Canada

Educators (International organizations)
Organization: National Geographic Society; Promotes teaching of geography in schools, lists opportunities for teachers and resources available for them. Includes atlases, forums, and geographic standards.
Organization: National Council for Geographic Education; Concerned with geography resources for teachers. Information pertains to education at all levels.