Current Graduate Students

The Department of Folklore offers three routes to the master's degree in Folklore:

The Department also offeres a doctoral degree in Folklore with courses, comps, and thesis:

There are often career reasons why a student will choose one or another of these routes. The department treats each route as an equivalent.

Folklore graduate courses: Fall 2023

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Survey of Folklore Genres and Processes (FOLK 6010)

Instructor: Daniel Peretti,

Field and Research Methods (FOLK 6020)

Instructor: Kelley Totten,

Folklore Theories (FOLK 6030)

Instructor: Cory Thorne,

Issues In Folkloristics: Folklore and Nationalism (FOLK 6050)

Instructor: Sarah Gordon,

Public Sector Folklore (FOLK 6740)

Instructor: Jillian Gould,

The Global & the Local (FOLK 6770)

Instructor: Cory Thorne,