COMP 2300: Introduction to Multimedia Programming

This course is not part of the  VCG   Visual Computing and Games Stream, but is suggested to students enrolled in that stream, when available.

Lab In addition to classes, this course has one structured laboratory session per week.

Prerequisites:  COMP 1003

Availability: ⚠ This course has not yet been offered, and will not be available every academic year.

Course Objectives

This course contains an introduction to programming and computer science with an emphasis on the development of multimedia applications. The course introduces the fundamental principles of programming, including object-oriented and event-driven programming. Students will develop an understanding of how to use and create classes and methods and combine them with multimedia libraries to produce animations, handle input from keyboard and mouse, and import sounds and videos to produce multimedia applications which can be directly deployed on the Internet.

Representative Workload
  • In-class Evaluations 15%
  • Laboratory Work 25%
  • In-class Exams (2) 20%
  • Final Exam 30%
Representative Course Outline
  • Introduction (2.5 hours):
    • Definitions of multimedia
    • Digital data fundamentals
    • Overview of Multimedia authoring
  • Flash and ActionScript (2.5 hours):
    • Overview of Flash,
    • Overview of ActionScript syntax
  • Using objects (2.5 hours):
    • Getting familiar with variables
    • Using objects
    • Calling methods
    • Using properties and events
  • Data types (2.5 hours):
    • Primitive data types
    • Expressions
    • Strings and string manipulation
  • Conditionals (2.5 hours):
    • if statements
    • boolean expressions
    • switch-case statements
    • nesting conditionals
  • Loops (2.5 hours):
    • while, do and for loops
  • Arrays and Functions (2.5 hours):
    • Using arrays
    • Defining functions
  • Object References (2.5 hours):
    • Understanding objects vs. object references
    • Calling objects from the library
    • Defining the document class
  • Implementing Object Classes (2.5 hours):
    • Implementing methods
    • Understanding constructors
    • Instance fields
    • Local variables
  • Events and Event Handling (3 hours):
    • ActionScript event basics
    • Assessing objects through event handlers, event listeners
  • Style and HCI Guidelines for Multimedia (2.5 hours):
    • fonts and color
    • user feedback
    • splash screens and loaders
    • publishing
  • Credit cannot be obtained for both Computer Science 2300 and the former Computer Science 1550.

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