A second goal in thinking about knowledge production on Muslims and Islam(s) in Canada through case studies was to produce podcasts related to the cases that – ideally! - might be of interest to a broader audience.

To begin, here's a brief introduction on why we chose to focus on these case studies (our thanks to CHMR for their help with the recording):

Here is the first podcast, created by Lauren Sproule, on the 2015 controversy on the niqab in Canadian citizenship ceremonies. It features scholars Bullock, Dossa, Amir-Moazami, Alibhai, and Bakht:

Salma Mahgoub's podcast on religious accommodations at a Quebecois sugarshack in 2007 features scholars Barras, Emon, Beaman, Sharify-Funk and Brown. Please listen to it here: 

The third podcast, by Jordan Omstead, focuses on depictions of Muslim Canadian men and foreign fighters and features Amarnath Amarasingam, Hicham Tiflati, Jasmin Zine, and Karim H. Karim: 

Thank you for listening!