Bibliography Project

Bringing together scholars of Islam(s) and Muslims in Canada for our 2017 workshop meant a unique opportunity to consider and compile the peer-reviewed scholarly work to date. This bibliography in progress includes work related to the topic of Islam(s) and Muslims in Canada from a number of academic fields.

We have chosen to present it alphabetically.

* The bibliography is meant to be a live document and will be updated regularly. Please contact Jennifer with any omissions/additions/errors.

Compiled with contributions from:

- Melanie Adrian (Carleton U)

- Sadaf Ahmed (U Toronto)

- Zaheeda Alibhai (U Ottawa)

- Sanaa Ali-Mohammed (with the Tessellate Institute)

- Amarnath Amarasingam (Institute for Strategic Dialogue, Religion and Terrorism)

- Natasha Bakht (U Ottawa)

- Yuliya Barannik (with the Tessellate Institute)

- Amélie Barras (York U)

- Lori Beaman (Ottawa U)

- Rachel Brown (U Evansville)

- Katherine Bullock (U Toronto and the Tessellate Institute)

- Alyshea Cummins (U Ottawa)

- Parin Dossa (Simon Fraser U)

- Anver Emon (Toronto U)

- Paul Eid (UQAM)

- Cory Funk (Dalhousie U)

- Asif Hameed (with the Tessellate Institute)

- Roshan Arah Jahangeer (York U)

- Karim H. Karim (Carleton U)

- Abdie Kazemipur (U Calgary)

- Jennifer Selby (Memorial U)

- Meena Sharify-Funk (Wilfrid Laurier U)

- Hicham Tiflati (UQAM)

- Jasmin Zine (Wilfrid Laurier U)

We also suggest consulting the Tessellate Institute's Black Muslims in Canada:
A Systematic Review of Published and Unpublished Literature compiled by Fatimah Jackson-Best.

For an overview of academic literature in the US, see Books Addressing Muslims or Islam in the United States (1965-2018) by Sahar F. Aziz, Cynthia Burress and Rebecca Hankins.