COMP 4770: Team Project

This course is required for all computer science majors who are following regulations prior to the 2016 - 2017 academic year.

Due to the nature of this course, CICS students on a placement should not register for Computer Science 4770 as well.

Prerequisites:  COMP 2003, COMP 2005, COMP 2006, COMP 2007, and six credit hours in Computer Science course at the 3000-level or above; or the former COMP 3715, the former COMP 3716, the former COMP 3724, and the former COMP 3754

Availability: This course is occasionally offered, but will not be available every academic year.

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to develop a working prototype of a software system as a team effort. A group of students will work on a project for a term, experiencing the advantages and difficulties of team projects.

Representative Workload
  • Requirements Document 25% (team effort)
  • Architecture Document 15% (team effort)
  • Module Document 35% (individual effort)
  • System Demonstration 25% (team effort)
Representative Course Outline

The following milestones are required for a Computer Science 4770 project:

  • Requirements Document
    • This document must describe the use cases and functional and non-functional requirements of the software system, as well as a schedule of the development tasks and the team member(s) responsible for each task.
    • Use cases are a requirements capturing technique.
  • Architecture Document
    • The document must present the system’s decomposition into modules and the assignment of responsibility of team members to subsets of the modules.
  • Module Documents
    • These documents must include the complete description of the functionality and interface of each module. The module testing plans must be described and demonstrated.
  • System Demonstration
    • The integrated system must be demonstrated by the team. The integrated system includes all software and data required to use the system. It contains an integration of all the modules.
    • A document describing the system testing must be submitted.

The milestones should be reached in the 4th , 6th , 9th and 13th week (respectively) of the semester.

  • Attendance is required.
  • Students register for Computer Science 4770 as a regular three-hour per week course.
  • In the time slot assigned to the course, groups will meet to discuss their progress. A graduate student may be assigned to each group for help and advice.