COMP 2718: Development Tools, Work Flows and Concepts

This course enables students to improve their software development productivity through the use of tools and workflows. The majority of these tools and work flows can be used by non software developers to improve their data management and data processing tasks.

Lab In addition to classes, this course has one structured laboratory session per week.

Prerequisites:  COMP 2001 or  COMP 2500 or  COMP 2510 or the former COMP 2710

Availability: ⚠ This course is not planned to be offered in the near future.

Course Objectives

This course covers tools, work flows and concepts used in software development in a concentrated introductory set of topics. The essential work flows (with their underlying concepts) used to edit, build, test, combine with existing software and find existing software are introduced. The tools covered include text editors, programming language translators, file management tools, debuggers, scripting tools, source control tools, and building, testing and deployment tools. The architecture and use of an Integrated Development Environment are discussed.

Representative Workload
  • Assignments (5-8) 15%
  • Labs (8-10) 20%
  • In-class Exam 15%
  • Final Exam 50%
Representative Course Outline
  • Files, File Systems, File Types (1 hour)
  • File Management Tools (2 hours)
  • Text Processing Tools (2 hours)
  • Shell Scripting (4 hours)
  • Compiling Tools (1 hour)
  • Building Tools (2 hours)
  • Packaging and Deployment Tools (1 hour)
  • Resources on the Internet (2 hours)
  • Network Tools (3 hours)
  • Installing, Configuring Software Libraries (2 hours)
  • Source Control Tools (2 hours)
  • Debugging Tools (3 hours)
  • Testing Frameworks (2 hours)
  • Lint like Tools (2 hours)
  • Work Flow Management Tools (2 hours)
  • Integrated Development Environments (3 hours)
  • Software Licenses and Intellectual Property (1 hour)

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