Workforce Sustainability

The total employee count is based on employees who have an active primary job. Included under faculty are academic administrators, faculty-MUNFA, faculty-non-bargaining, NAPE instructors (MI), per-course instructors, and post-doctoral fellows. Included under staff are executive, senior and middle management, support staff (non-bargaining), CUPE, NAPE-campus enforcement, NAPE-custodial, NAPE-maintenance, NAPE staff (MI). Please note, employee count includes part-time and full-time faculty and staff. Employees who are on long-term disability or leave without pay are not counted. Employees who are on a leave, but in receipt of full or partial pay are counted. Employees are counted only once. In the situation where an employee holds two or more positions within the university, the employee is categorized according to primary job. Permanent or contractual status is based upon the position budget type and does not reflect the status of the employee who may hold the position.

Memorial University’s self-identification survey was modified and expanded in March 2018 to allow employees to self-identify outside of the binary options of male and female. As of August 15, 2018, 0.51% of employees who responded to the survey identified as another gender identity.

The information in these tables is sourced from Banner. The upgrade to Banner 9 allows employees to identify gender with non-binary designations as well as express preferred personal pronouns. When the system begins reporting non-binary designations, it will be reflected in the gender section of this page.

This information is updated monthly.