Your Role

Welcoming your involvement and enthusiasm

We are united by our vital need for the planet, creating a collective obligation to protect its future and prosperity. Although this responsibility is unified, everyone has a unique role stemming from your own perspective, expertise and resources.

Regardless if you’re part of Memorial’s student body and alumni, faculty, researcher, administration, operations, or one of our many community partners, we want to engage with you. You have unique insights into our systems, procedures and operations. Your affiliations and your intersections with sustainability and climate action is distinct. They represent different stages and capacities. There is always a place to jump in, share your success and strategize for the next meaningful challenge.

Long-term sustainability consists of many big and small actions. There is no step-by-step rule book, but together we want to set goals, innovate and collaborate. We must use our unique strengths to build momentum and create change by developing and implementing sustainable strategies and techniques. Action by action we can achieve our sustainability goals!

Join us and become a part of our network of collaborators. To learn more Contact Us.