Sustainable activities across our campuses

Diverse sustainable initiatives are currently under way at Memorial. This includes both the activities of the Sustainability and Climate Change Office as well as activities initiated and/or managed by other groups at Memorial.

Tell us what's happening in your area. Check out our online submission form.

Across Memorial’s campuses, units, and diverse groups, we have many champions conducting research, overseeing programs, coordinating events and leading change within our university’s operations.

Through this short online form, let the Sustainability and Climate Action Office know about the work you are doing so we can capture the range of impacts with respect to sustainability. It should take less than five minutes. This also ties to our work reporting on our progress related to Sustainable Development Goals.

Your example, big or small, could be used to:

  • determine how we can better support you,
  • share your positive story,
  • help the university report on the efforts to reduce impact; and
  • make a positive difference in the world today

Please complete the form or contact the office to add initiatives to the list.