Program Goals and Objectives

Memorial University Pediatric Residency Program Training Objectives

The overall goal of the program is to help residents develop competency identified by the seven CanMeds roles as well as meet the goals and objectives for specialty training in pediatrics as outlined by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

1.      To provide diverse clinical exposures in a variety of environments in combination with an academic curriculum to give trainees the necessary knowledge and skills to work as a general pediatrician or to prepare for further pediatric subspecialty training.

2.      To foster opportunities for residents to develop teaching skills and knowledge to enable residents to participate in medical education.

3.      To understand research principles and apply these to develop and complete a scholarly project.

4.      To understand the principles and develop the skills to work with the interdisciplinary team to provide care for patients

5.      To develop management and leadership skills through teaching and apply these skills in graded clinical responsibility.

6.      To develop an understanding and a commitment to lifelong learning which will continue throughout their career in pediatric medicine.

7.      To develop the ability to critically appraise medical research and literature and apply this to clinical practice.

8.      To understand the role of the pediatrician as an advocate for the needs of patients, their families and society and develop the skills to advocate effectively

9.      To provide a positive learning environment where residents can develop an awareness and understanding of professional behavior and apply it to daily practice.

10.  To emphasize the importance of physician wellness and help develop the resiliency skills necessary for a successful career.