Academic Half-Day

Pediatric Residency Program Academic Half Day Curriculum


The purpose of the academic half day curriculum is to ensure coverage of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Objectives of Training in Pediatrics. The goal of the academic half day curriculum is to provide a didactic exposure to all of the medical expert Royal College objectives of training, even if they are well covered in clinical practice, along with many non-medical expert objectives.

Timeline for Academic Half Day

All pediatric residents have protected time every Thursday from 12:00-17:00 to attend Grand rounds and academic half day, as described in the table below. The resident group will be divided between 13:00-14:00 to attend either CPS rounds and clinical skills or simulation.




Pediatric Grand Rounds


CPS Rounds

Resident Simulation


Clinical Skills


Academic Half Day Curriculum

 Other learning activities that are encompassed into the protected Thursday afternoon teaching time include:

  • Resident OSCE, twice per year
  • Resident Research Day, once per year
  • Memorial Pediatrics Wellness Day, once per year
  • National Resident Wellness Day, once per year
  • Memorial Pediatrics Resident retreat, once per year
  • Canadian Pediatrics National In-training exam, twice per year
  • American Board of Pediatrics exam, once per year
  • Christmas Rounds & December holidays, two weeks per year

Scheduling for Academic Half Day

Academic half day is arranged according to a three-year rotating schedule overview. This schedule includes a breakdown by subject area including the number of sessions, hours allotted for each session as well as the associated Royal College objectives.

Electronic Slide Bank

Slides will be collected by the resident champions and faculty coordinator to create an electronic slide bank on D2L for the pediatric residents.