What is Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering?

Naval architects are professional engineers who conceive, design, construct and maintain ships, offshore structures and other large floating systems. Ocean engineers design and build floating and underwater equipment, such as wave-measuring buoys, underwater vehicles, sonar systems and supporting platforms.

When you study Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering at Memorial, you can:

  • Discover ocean engineering hydrostatics, marine construction management, fluid mechanics, marine hydrodynamics, marine structural analysis, submersible design, ocean systems design, advanced marine vehicles and more
  • Apply for co-op placements in Canada, US and Europe
  • Study at the heart of ocean research: St. John’s is a prime centre for marine studies, shipping, offshore oil exploration and ocean technology
  • Experience on-campus, world-class research centres: C-CORE, National Research Council of Canada’s (NRC) Ocean Coastal and River Engineering (OCRE)
  • Access top notch student support facilities include:
    • Student towing tank laboratory
    • Project space and workshops; and a
    • Student library stocked with resources to supplement your studies.
  • Explore emerging career areas in Arctic exploration and research, national shipbuilding, submersible systems and offshore oil and resources

What’s your dream career?

  • Shipbuilding: design engineers, shipyard operators, ship brokers
  • Small craft: design engineers, consultants, builders
  • Underwater equipment: design engineers, consultants, builders
  • Classification and regulation: surveyors, design standard engineers
  • Consultants: designers, evaluation engineers, structural engineers
  • Education and research: researchers, professors, instructors
  • Shipping companies: fleet operation managers; ship repair engineers
  • National Defence: designers, constructors, engineers, researchers
  • Civil service: ferry system managers, marine inspectors, contract managers
  • Offshore: installation designers, structural and hydrodynamic specialists, operations managers

We’re unique and we like it that way

Memorial is the only engineering school in Canada to offer an undergraduate major in ocean and naval architectural engineering. And we’re the only engineering school in the world with a co-operative program in this discipline.

To learn more about our program, visit our upcoming events and recruitment, how to apply, student success stories, and why studying engineering at Memorial, in a port city with abundant offshore oil exploration, shipping and fishing, just makes sense.