The Moral Roots of Economic Crisis: Video

Featuring Dr. Anthony Daniels, aka Dr. Theodore Dalrymple - 2009 Galbraith Lecturer (45 minute lecture followed by Q&A)

Dr. Daniels' lecture focused on the current economic crisis, and once again will raised the question of whether economics is a behavioural science, and how far events can be understood without reference to psychology.
There is a dialectical relationship between government policy and human relationship and in turn, this raises questions about the extent and limits of personal responsibility.

The loss of faith in money as a store of value makes speculators of us all and promotes greed. And although greed is an ineradicable part of nature, it can be promoted or retarded. What institutional or societal safeguards can be put in place to mitigate greed? Is this individual absolved from responsibility, or are there actions which each of us could take to bring more sanity to economics? How can we prevent an economic calamity from occuring again?