Why the Divorce? The Merits and Shortcomings of a Fleet Separation Policy

Recorded April 24th, 2012 - St. Christophers Hotel
Port aux Basque, NL, Canada

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In the inshore fishery sector, one of the objectives of licensing policy is to separate the harvesting and processing sectors of the industry. Under this policy, new fishing licences may not be issued to corporations, including those involved in the processing sector of the industry. (This policy applies to fisheries where only vessels under 19.8m or 65' are permitted to be used.) There has been a recent debate as to whether this policy should be reviewed or eliminated. In this presentation, we examine the merits and shortcomings of a fleet separation policy. We explore the positives and negatives of vertical integration as a strategy for both harvesters and processors.

Watch Dr. Tom Cooper and Mr. Earl McCurdy as they explore both sides of this issue