Student Financial Aid: Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards

Memorial offers three types of student financial aid: scholarships, bursaries and awards.

Memorial University offers its students more than 1,300 scholarships, bursaries and awards from entrance to undergraduate and graduate. Your support in this area can make a difference for a Memorial student.

Scholarships, bursaries and awards are available to students studying in diploma, undergraduate or graduate programs at any of Memorial's campuses. Scholarships, bursaries, and awards must be taken during the scholarship year for which they are awarded and students must be registered full time or in a recognized work term in order to receive their scholarship, bursary or award unless stated otherwise in the terms of reference. The scholarship year runs from May 1 - April 30.

Scholarship - A scholarship is based on academic performance and is awarded to the student with the highest average meeting the conditions of the scholarship. Scholarship standing is required for all scholarships.

Bursary – A bursary is based primarily on financial need and may be awarded to full-time students who have a minimum GPA of 2 (out of a possible 4) and meet the other conditions of the bursary. Financial need is generally determined by whether or not a student is receiving student aid. However, departments/faculties may determine a student’s financial need through other means such as, personal interview, submission of a budget, evidence of part-time employment, or other appropriate evidence.

Award – An award is offered to recognize special achievements or to assist with special projects or travel. Awards may be given to students with a minimum of clear standing (as defined by the University) and meeting the other conditions of the award.

Methods of Creation

Endowment - An endowment can be created by a donor at different gift levels that will allow a scholarship to exist permanently at Memorial University. The value of the scholarship is calculated as a portion of the income from the endowment.

Your gift can continue in perpetuity as a portion of the income on the endowment is disbursed each year. A minimum of $10,000 is required to endow an award and $22,500 for a scholarship or bursary. Your endowment can be established with a one-time gift or by starting a fund that builds over a period of time. For example, your gift of $70,000 will create a permanent scholarship with an approximate initial value of $2,500 annually.

Term Fund - A donor may choose to give a gift of support to be dispersed as a scholarship, bursary or award over a set term. For example, your gift of $10,000 could provide a $2,000 scholarship to one student a year for five years.

Annual Fund - A donor may choose to give a specified amount annually for a scholarship, bursary or award for an initial term of three years. Annual gifts must be received by April 30 each year to be distributed during the following academic year. For example, you may give a gift each year of $2,500 for eight years. The annual gift would then be redistributed as a scholarship of the same value.


Donors who choose to create an award, bursary or scholarship that lasts a minimum of three years can participate in selecting a name and in determining selection criteria. The award, bursary or scholarship will also appear in the University Calendar and on the student recipient’s official transcript.

If you are interested in helping a student and want to learn more please contact the Office of Development at (709) 631-4826, toll-free at 1-877-700-4081 or email

Current scholarship, bursary and award information is available for each campus and the School of Graduate Studies.

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