Master of Data Science

Why Data Science @ Memorial?

Data science is one of the most sought-after professions of the 21st century. With lives increasingly being lived online, nearly every individual leaves behind a data trail that is as valuable as gold in this digital age.

With this increasing generation of data, there is also an ever-increasing demand for specialists who are able to structure, analyse and process it. This work is done by data scientists.

Given the continuing demand for data scientists, and the expected accelerated growth of this profession over the next few decades, Memorial has developed the Master of Data Science (MDSc). Jointly offered by the Departments of Mathematics and Statistics and Computer Science, it is a one-year program aiming to equip students with the foundations of data science and provide them with practical techniques needed to effectively translate data into knowledge, communicate the findings, and help in the decision-making process.

After completing the MDSc program, a graduate shall be able to:

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of data science methods and techniques in predictive modelling, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data visualisation, and mining of big data.
  • Build the skills to explore, analyse, and visualise data sets, regardless of their size, using the latest technologies.
  • Apply data science and analytical methods to address data-rich problems from a variety of fields, think critically about data, and drive decision-making.

Description of program

  • MDSc – The Master of Data Science is a one-year program, consisting of ten courses, plus a case study series and a capstone project.

Minimum admission requirements

  • MDSc – Bachelor's degree (minimum second class); applicants should have at least one college-level course or equivalent knowledge in each of the following areas: multivariate calculus, statistical inference, and computer programming (in a high-level programming language, such as R, Python, C, C++, Java, etc.)

    • Applicants who are admitted to the MDSc program shall complete three online non-credit propaedeutic courses, before the start of the first semester. Final enrolment to the MDSc program is subject to the completion of these propaedeutic courses.

For more information about admissions, please consult the Data Science Program website.

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Program Information
Degrees Offered:




Duration (Full-time students):

1 year


St. John's

Application Deadline:

January 15 for Fall admission

Tuition (NL students):

$635-$1,313/semester (plus an additional special fee)

Tuition (Other Canadian students):

$826-$1,707/semester (plus an additional special fee)

Tuition (International students):

$1,074-$2,218/semester (plus an additional special fee)

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