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Mandy Woodland - One of the startup coaches at MCE 
Mandy Woodland
Expertise: Healthcare and Tech sector.
Emily Bland holding growing basil plant.  
Emily Bland Rachel Pautler
Expertise: Social enterprises and agriculture sector. Expertise: Tech and local business


Emily Evans and Lauren Saunders
Expertise: Retail, fashion, brand-building

Emily Bland
CEO, SucSeed

Emily is the CEO of SucSeed, a social enterprise startup that exists to bring hydroponics into classrooms, homes and communities to encourage a simple and easy environmentally sustainable practice that is delicious and rewarding. To date their gardens are used in over 600 classrooms across Canada, educating 15,000 students each year!

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Mandy Woodland
Co-founder and CEO, Amp Health

Mandy is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in business and tech. She’s had a diverse career - from medical research, to practicing law - and is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of the digital health startup Amp Health.

Mandy is the past Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Bounce Health Innovation, Vice-Chair of the Newfoundland and Labrador Innovation and Business Investment Corporation, and a trustee of the Canadian Museum of Nature. She holds a B.Sc. (Biology) from Memorial, LL.B. from Dalhousie, and a Masters of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the Sobey School of Business at SMU. She is a past winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Innovation) from NLOWE, former Chair of TechNL, a Rotary award winner for community contribution, and was a fellow of the School of Graduate Studies at Memorial University.
Mandy loves to talk about the Red Sox, travel, letterpress, experience design, and her golden retriever Wade Boggs.

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Rachel Pautler
Product Manager, Looka

Rachel started her career in nanotech engineering, but quickly found herself in the software industry. She has been involved in two exited startups, one as a founder and one as an early employee. She spends her days as a product manager at Looka, a marketing and design firm for small and medium businesses. But, she is equally as passionate about working with university and high school entrepreneurs both at MCE and at the University of Waterloo.

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Emily Evans and Lauren Saunders
Co-Directors, The Shop, SALT Inc.

Emily completed her honours in Philosophy at Memorial University, and has a diploma from Academcy Canada in Photographic Studies. With a passionate interest in life coaching and eight years of photography background, Emily started a cretive online project in 2017 called, The Salt Philosophy; a visual representation of the benefits of making time to live a more fulfilled life. The project was a success and in turn, led to the beginning of The Shop, SALT with co-director Lauren Saunders, Emily's lifelong best friend. The Shop, SALT has become an increasingly popular brand in Newfoundland and Labrador that continues to grow across the country. 

After completing her undergraduate degree at Memorial University in Behavioural Neuroscience, Lauren became interested in the genuine relatinoships that could be formed between businesses and consumers through social media. HEading back to Memorial, Lauren completed her MBA, focusing her energy in digital marketing. Today, Lauren has 14 years of digital marketing experience across retail, tourism, and government sectors. She is living her lifelong fashion and entrepreneurial dream co-directing The Shop, SALT with her lifelong best friend, Emily Evans.

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