As part of its special obligation to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador, Memorial University has an active commitment to, and engagement with, people and communities of all regions, including Labrador. As part of Northern Canada, Labrador and its Indigenous people play a significant role in Memorial University’s community. Working with communities, governments, and organizations in the North, Memorial University has forged world-leading expertise in environmental, social, economic, and technological issues and opportunities impacting Arctic and Northern coastal communities, and is carrying out collaborative research, teaching, and learning initiatives in these communities.

Memorial University is a recognized international leader in cold ocean and Arctic teaching and research across all disciplines, touching all aspects of science, technology, and society. Cold Oceans and Northern Strength initiative is a strategic initiative of Memorial University, researching the fundamental human dynamics of development in cold-ocean and Arctic contexts, and the effects of this development on the environment, communities, and societies.

For inquiries about Memorial's partnership with UArctic or any of the initiatives resulting from the partnership, please contact Sheila Downer, Northern Liaison, Harris Centre or Lisa Goulet, Membership Engagement Coordinator, Harris Centre.