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Procedure for Approval and Appeals for Use of Animals

Approval Date:

Effective Date: 2004-09-04

Responsible Unit: Animal Care Services


  1. Before animals can be used for research and teaching, the researcher must file an application to the IACC using the authorized protocol form describing the proposed use of animals; the application must be approved by   the IACC before proceeding.
  2. When approval is given, the secretariat of the Committee will so advise the applicant and the Vice-president (Research).
  3. When approval is given subject to minor amendment, the Executive Secretary will transmit details of the amendment to the applicant and, after modification of the protocol, approval will be given.
  4. When approval is withheld or the protocol is rejected, the investigator concerned   is entitled to appear before the Committee to present additional information for consideration.
  5. Appeals by applicants will go directly to the President and, if necessary will be handled on the basis of procedure as outlined by the CCAC.


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