The Measure tab provides two helpful tools for moderators:

  1. Site analytics, so you can see information like how many visitors a page on your site has received in a given time period.
  2. A broken links report, so you can periodically check your site for broken links. 

Site Analytics

To access your site analytics, click the Performance Dashboards link as shown below, and choose "Site Analytics."

Note: ITS is still working on configuring the site analytics feature of T4. It is not yet available to moderators.

Broken Links Report

To perform a broken links report on your site(s), click the "Quality Control" link, shown below, and then click "Broken Links."

You will be taken to a listing of any broken links on your website.

The simplest way to see and fix the broken link is to click directly on the title of the content type that contains the broken link, as shown below:

This will open your content type in the standard interface editor, which will reveal the broken link to you by showing a red square around the link that is broken.

To fix a broken link

Highlight the line of text with your mouse and click the "break link" icon circled below:

Your text should now appear as plain black text (ie, it should no longer be hyperlinked text, which appears blue):

You can now highlight the text with your mouse, and click the link icon to establish a new link: