Student Innovation Fund

Do you have a good idea to enhance student engagement on campus and need some funding to get started? Apply to the student innovation fund. Below are some frequently asked questions to help you get started.

What is the purpose of the Student Innovation Fund?
The purpose of the Student Innovation Fund is to reinforce student innovation, empower students to productively respond to student issues and foster feelings of ownership, involvement and connection to the mission and community of Memorial University. The Deputy Provost (Students) and Associate Vice-President (Academic) Undergraduate Studies administers this fund.

Who can apply?
Individual applications can be submitted by full-time undergraduate students. Part-time undergraduate students may also apply, but funding requests will be pro-rated. Students can apply for events up to one semester ahead but cannot apply for events retroactively.

Group applications will only be accepted from Memorial University of Newfoundland Student Union (MUNSU) ratified student groups. If a group is working toward ratification status, applications will be considered, if accompanied by a supporting letter from MUNSU.
Applications submitted from multiple student interest groups in any faculty and/or school, will be considered when submitted by the respective student society. i.e. Faculty of Medicine Student Society, History Society.

Are graduate students eligible to apply?
The Student Innovation Fund is for undergraduate students. Graduate Students are encouraged to apply to the Graduate Student Development Fund.

Will the Student Innovation Fund support student travel?
Yes! Applications will be considered for travel for up to six weeks. Please note, this fund cannot be used to fund the international exchange.

What is the maximum funding available?
Individual student and group applications will be considered for a maximum allocation of $500 per semester.

What are the criteria used to decide which ideas are funded? Proposals for funding are submitted to the Student Innovation Fund committee which is composed of student and university representatives. This committee reviews proposals three times per year.

Three criteria will be used to evaluate proposals: innovation, empowerment and student involvement. Proposals that best meet these criteria will receive funding, as resources allow.

Innovative initiatives may include:

  • New programs.
  • Innovative delivery of an existing program and/or service.
  • An expanded or enriched program.
  • An initiative that will enrich the student experience at Memorial.

Initiatives that encourage empowerment may include:

  • Informational and educational initiatives related to student issues.
  • Training programs that develop leadership capabilities or student awareness.

Initiatives that foster student involvement may include those that:

  • Broaden student participation in events on campus.
  • Integrate academic areas with social and community activities.
  • Mentor younger students through shared activities with more experienced students.

When do I need to apply?
Applicants can apply for funding once per semester (fall, winter, spring/summer).

Application deadlines:

  • Spring/Summer: June 15
  • Fall: Oct. 15
  • Winter: Feb. 15

Applications not eligible:

  • The application is related to course requirements i.e. internship, rotation, clinical or group work in a course.
  • The application is related to an event that is being facilitated by a faculty or department at Memorial.
  • Application to support a third-party organization.

Am I expected to do anything in return for the funding?
Applicants may be called upon to participate in an annual showcase event that celebrates student activity supported through the fund or may be asked to submit photos or a report of their funded activities.

How do I apply?
Application forms for submitting your proposals for funding are available by online submission. There are different forms for individuals and student groups. Please ensure that the correct form is submitted to avoid processing issues or delays.

Submit an application as an individual student.

Submit an application as a student group.

If I have questions, who should I speak to?
If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact the Student Experience Office at (709) 864-7461.

All information requested by the Student Innovation Fund will be used solely for the administration and management of the program. All personal information collected by the Student Innovation Fund Committee is subject to the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Personal information is collected under the authority of the Memorial University Act (RSNL 1990 Chapter M-7) and is used for the purposes of academic administration, program planning and human resource management. Questions about this collection and use of personal information may be directed to the Student Experience Office, University Center, Room 3005.