Launch Forth: Student Leadership & Career Conference

What is the connection between your academics and your hobbies/interests? How do you ensure you graduate with not only a degree, but work, volunteer, and leadership experience? What are the different skills that you can develop that will enhance your student experience, while developing your capacity to lead and thrive post-graduation?

Launch Forth is a one-day conference with the goal of challenging students to consider and communicate the link between their academic program, their on-campus experiences, and their career.

  • Discover your strengths & enhance your leadership skills
  • Learn how to pitch yourself & connect with employers
  • Leverage your student experience for career success
Past speakers:
  • Brent Smith, Owner & CCO, Newfoundland Chocolate Company
  • Gary Summers, Author and Inspirational Speaker
Previous Sessions:
  • Fostering Diversity & Inclusion as a Leader
  • Pitching Yourself
  • Goal Setting for Personal, Academic, and Career Success
  • The Art of Small Talk & Marketing Me
  • The Power of Diversity in Leadership & Team Development
  • You Can Change the World!: Creating local/global impact through leadership
  • Map your career journey! Career & experience mapping