Internal Approvals and Signatures for Research Grants and Contracts

All research grants and contracts requiring departmental, Dean of Science and institutional approval must be submitted through the researcher portal.

Please add Dr. Lynn Frizzell and Dr. Jenn Major as 'Team Members' to your 'New Application' when you begin the process and let her know she was added to the application (no such notifications are being sent by the system). This allows grants facilitators to review your grant and provide feedback before you submit it for departmental and faculty approval. 

Also, please allow at least two business days in addition to the internal deadline set by Research Grants and Contract Services for your Department Head and Associate Dean of Science to review and approve your submission. 

Department Head Role in Review and Approval Process

Department heads provide advice on grant proposals/contracts; review sign-of on all research grants and contracts/agreements (after investigator signature(s)); confirming research time, space, and departmental resources.

Associate Dean (Research & Graduate) Role in Review and Approval Process

The associate dean (research & graduate) administers the faculty mentoring program, provides feedback on proposals and clauses; completes the final review and signs on behalf of the Faculty of Science, confirming time, space and resources at the faculty level (where noted).