Social Justice

Research related to systems and structures that contribute to more humane, equitable and just societies. Its focus is on building the capacity and enabling the civic engagement of vulnerable populations, locally, nationally and internationally, whose voices are seldom heard in addressing the barriers to their wellbeing and full participation in society.

Key research areas include Immigration, citizenship and labour market inclusion, and poverty reduction; empowerment of individuals through education, community health approaches, access to medical care and services, and child and family welfare; interdisciplinary aspects of diversity, difference, equity and ethics; labour relations, social and working class history, gender equality and sexuality; the impact of poverty on individual and community development in urban and rural neighbourhoods and communities; homelessness, affordable housing, and poverty; citizen engagement in communities, and how education is valued (to help explain the low rate of high school graduation); mental health, aging, social development, and disabilities issues; national and international social justice issues; and corporate social responsibility.

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