Governance and Public Policy

Research related to organizational and corporate governance, public policy and the relationships amongst governments and non-government organizations. Corporate governance consists of the collection of rules, processes, and practices that determine the relationship between managers of an organization and those who have a stake in the organization’s performance, including shareholders, creditors, employees, customers, and society at large. Governance, more broadly, includes how government bodies develop and implement public policy, and how governments relate to non-governmental organizations in the shared allocation of decision-making and resources for achieving public policy purposes.

Key research areas include auditing, taxation, finance, leadership and corporate social responsibility; public and collective decision making in economic policy (including policy and governance arrangements relating to specific economic sectors, as well as to cross-cutting areas such as fiscal and monetary policy and trade policy), social policy (including health, education, and social services), cultural policy, environmental policy, defense policy and other policy fields; legal studies across all policy fields; local, regional and federal systems, as well as multi-lateral and inter-national governance relationships and organizations; immigration and population change; land-use and urban planning; and food security.

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