Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Attract, retain, support and celebrate people engaged in and supporting research

Objectives associated with Goal 1:

1.1 Place high value on research success and excellence.
1.2 Promote Memorial's research opportunities.
1.3 Consider the prospect for research success and excellence in Memorial's research environment when recruiting.
1.4 Support faculty, students and research fellows and trainees to achieve excellence in research.
1.5 Support non-faculty researchers and research support staff.
1.6 Encourage mentoring for researchers.
1.7 Celebrate the achievements of researchers and research teams.

Goal 2: Support an environment of research excellence

Objectives associated with Goal 2:

2.1 Increase coordination, communication and responsiveness of administrative supports for research.
2.2 Foster interdisciplinary collaborations and research.
2.3 Maximize the impact of research chairs.
2.4 Enhance supports for researchers to obtain and manage funding.
2.5 Develop and maintain top-quality research infrastructure, space, equipment, and support technologies.
2.6 Implement integrated systems for tracking and reporting research activities and outputs.
2.7 Increase supports for sharing research findings and outputs, including across campuses.

Goal 3: Engage with community partners and collaborators locally, nationally and internationally to create, share and apply research

Objectives associated with Goal 3:

3.1 Place high value on research collaborations and sharing of research findings with external partners and collaborators.
3.2 Facilitate external engagement activities.
3.3 Encourage local, national and international research collaborations.

Goal 4: Support fundamental and applied research excellence in areas of strategic opportunity

Objectives associated with Goal 4:

4.1 Track and assess the outcomes and impacts related to the Strategic Research Themes.
4.2 Support research excellence within the Strategic Research Themes through hiring and funding practices.
4.3 Increase opportunities for Memorial researchers to communicate and collaborate with one another and with external partners and collaborators on research related to the Strategic Research Themes.
4.4 Secure funding in support of initiatives that advance the Strategic Research Themes.
4.5 Establish mechanisms to facilitate communication and collaboration across the Strategic Research Themes.